Accelerated Learning is the only online driving theory test provider that asks for constant customer feedback or uploads all customer comments and requests on its website – whether good or bad! Why? Because this is the best way of monitoring our performance; so that we can improve our service and keep raising our customers’ satisfaction levels.

We email every new Accelerated Learning client in order to ask for feedback regarding our products and services. This way we can accurately gauge what our customers really think of us. Every feedback response is read, then the feedback is compiled and published on our website.

Constantly improving Customer Satisfaction is our number one objective. No wonder we can boast a customer satisfaction rating of 98.7% (accurate as of June 2007).

Our questionnaire shows that our clients are ‘Extremely Satisfied’ with the following:

  • Our Customer Service
  • Our Subject Knowledge
  • Our Product Quality
  • The Ease of Use (of the service and website)

We also encourage all of our website visitors to provide any suggestions via our ‘Contact Us’ page. This allows our company to be continually informed of the needs and wishes of the public. This means our service is constantly being measured and improved.

No other online driving theory test provider does so much to ensure high quality customer service standards are fulfilled.

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