In 2006 we processed over 130,000 Driving Theory Tests more than all other online Driving Theory Test providers combined.

No other company comes close to matching these figures. That’s because:

  • Accelerated Learning has the largest, most experienced online driving theory test team in the industry
  • Accelerated Learning uses the most efficient driving theory tests system in the industry
  • Accelerated Learning operates out of the largest, most modern online driving theory test premises in the UK

Our Driving Theory Test team is headed by three experienced ex-driving instructors. While other companies are run by administrators, Accelerated Learning know that your interests are best served by drawing upon the experience of driving theory test professionals.

Providing 130,000 driving theory tests a year means that the rest of our driving theory test team are now unparalleled in experience. The benefit to you is that your queries are answered by the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.

Accelerated Learning’s experience, expertise and efficiency has made us the first choice for anyone serious about passing their driving theory tests.

You will not find a faster driving theory test document provider in the UK!

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