What Makes Accelerated Learning Different?

Results! In independent test those students that used Accelerated Learning achieved 19% better results than standard learning programs. But that’s not all; look at the other reasons for choosing Accelerated Learning:

The Accelerated Learning system is supported by a team of experienced teachers and driving instructors. No other company the same specialist, high quality service, expertise and support:

Why Use The Accelerated Learning System?

Over 1.7 million Satisfied Customers Worldwide can’t be wrong! Accelerated Learning was developed by experienced driving instructors, scientists, psychologists, physiologists, neurosurgeons and teachers.

The techniques and methods used have been tested and proven successfully over ten years by numerous military and secret services, sports psychologists, physiologists, various diplomatic services and even NASA. All of which have contributed to the development of this system’s advanced learning techniques.

For example, advanced versions of the same Peripheral Vision Module we will provide you with is used by Formula One drivers to improve their perception, awareness and hand-to-eye co-ordination skills.

For the first time in the UK these incredibly powerful learning techniques are now available to the general public. And what better use could they be put to than helping people with the one unpleasant chores nearly all of us have to endure these days... the dreaded DRIVING TEST!

How Does Accelerated Learning Work?

The Accelerated Learning technique works by setting your mind to ‘turbo’! It supercharges your brain to recognise, remember and react twice as fast as any other memory aid or learning system.

Accelerated Learning works by optimising the brain’s powers in all three main stages in the formation and retrieval of memory. Using Cognitive Neuroscience techniques, the system improves memory by supercharging ALL the parts of the human memory, including long term memory.

The Accelerated Learning System is based on this unique dynamic optimisation process.

How Effective is Accelerated Learning?

So far, in independent test, the results have been incredible. Due to the brain's heightened state of awareness during the study episode, most Accelerated Learning students learnt facts and figures twice as quickly compared to when using any other memory aids or learning techniques.

Also, once you have committed any facts, figures or images to memory, you will retain that data for twice as long as usual and recall that information twice as quickly as information learnt using traditional techniques.

Will Accelerated Learning Work for ME?

Accelerated Learning has been proven to work for anyone of any age. Provided you are a fluent English speaker of 17 years of age or above, Accelerated Learning is guaranteed to improve your Driving Theory Test results.

Will Accelerated Learning work for you? You’ll never know unless you see for yourself...

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